Tips for catering setup at the party

10/09/2013 02:18

Recently you’ve been looking through food magazines that have discussed the benefits of catering. Although you are thinking of doing everything yourself, you still don’t know how to setup everything. A professional is required to help you with this. Most catering companies will be able to calculate how many ingredients need to be purchased per hundred people. A few of the head caterers even know these calculations off hand because they’ve been working as a caterer for so long. The slightest error could have your guests leaving early because there is no more food left. Here are some useful tips for catering setup at your party:


Find out how many chairs and tables are needed according to your invitation list. Normally, there will be more people coming if the individuals you invite will also invite others. Otherwise, if the party is hosted on a weekday, there will be less people. This is because most of them have jobs and can’t attend. Set up two extra tables just to be safe.


Add decorations that complement the theme of the party. For example, if you are having a Halloween party – you could add Halloween wine cups with painted spider webs on the glass. These can be purchased online or you can make them yourself using craft supplies.


Make sure you have gone over the ingredient list with the caterer to make sure nothing is left out. This is the most important part when it comes to catering setup at a party. One key ingredient can make a big difference when it comes to flavor of the food.


Go over the amount of people who will attend your party and figure out how much food is really needed. This will help you decide on how many ingredients should be purchased and also how to distribute the food properly.